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Botanicus Interacticus from Disney Research

I’d love to explore applying this to hands-on museum objects. Maybe you’d pick up an object and see a video about how it would have been made and used. Touch different parts to see different processes or uses.


I’m not sure it will ever replace a mouse (especially since they put cacti into the mix), but I still find Botanicus Interacticus to be pretty exciting, right up there with tree cookie LPs. It seems strange at first, using plants to make music and art, but think about it … Pan’s pipes? Reeds. Early drums? Probably a gourd and some animal hide. Paints? Some definitely have plant-based pigments. When you look at it that way, it kind of makes sense to try and bridge the gap between plants and technology. And it sounds pretty, too. ~AR


Whoa. Touch a plant, control a computer, make music, make art, and a whole lot more. Pretty amazing stuff. Sure beats a mouse.

Source: makeinteresting

Museums of the future: providing the personal, collaborating with the crowd

I especially appreciated that the author made sure to quote someone who questions exclusively using digital media to collaborate with museumgoers. Powerfully interactive doesn’t necessarily require a cord!

Mar Dixon, social media and audience development consultant, raised the point that in rushing ahead to dress up our museums for a more personal and connected experience, we risk neglecting those who don’t own a tablet or smartphone.

"Will this force smaller museums to come up with apps?" asked Mar. "I worry that volunteer led museums are going to get pushed aside – I love the concept and support it, but how can we make it feasible for all?"