Listening to kids is probably the best thing about being a museum educator. Example:


Eoraptor. You’ve probably never heard of him.” #thingshipsterpalaeontologistssay #thingscamperssay #ultimatedinos

Editor’s Note! Working at camp in a museum, you see and hear a lot of different things. Most of it tends to be about dinosaurs, which almost all kids are in to. Most children, between the ages of 6 and 10, who are into dinosaurs, know a TON about dinosaurs. They know it all.

This quote comes from one 8 year “junoir palaeontologist” who was explaining what Eoraptor is to his friend. While walking through the gallery, pointing out dinosaurs like Massospondylus, and Cryolophosaurus, he stopped at Eoraptor and said “You’ve probably never heard of him.”. He went on to explain how he’s one of the earliest dinosaurs ever found. Kind of a big deal.

I burst out laughing at this point. The straight faced reaction of the camper to his friend, reminded me of so many hipster memes out there. Good stuff. #kidssaythedarndestthings #overheard

Source: romkids